The Spiral


In the modern city nowadays, human beings tend to escape from their hectic and exhausted life, which is surrounded by technology and man-made elements. The programs of Buddhist retreat and Nursery for wildflower are a great opportunity for people to return to a minimal and basic lifestyle as monks, which allows them to reflect on their life. There is a strong connection between the two programs of Buddhist retreat and Nursery for wildflower as the wild- flower garden allows the pedestrians as well as the retreat participators to learn to relax, calm down in the busy lives they have now. In terms of the design, the garden on the bridge brings the pedestrians along into the core garden, which acts as a focus point to visually attract the pedestrians and allow them togather. The spiral shape of the bridge has simulated as how monks meditated in their Zen temple, as they tend to walk in clockwise as their method of mediation.

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